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ASB - “Antisocial Behaviour”
Operation Lion Club

Operation Lion Cub which runs every Friday and Saturday night is proving to be a success in reducing anti-social behaviour in the local area and has helped to reduce ASB over the summer months as well as over Christmas.

All information gathered is passed to the ASB Officer for further follow up
visits - early interventions, or letters of advice to parents. Officers talk to
victims to assess the level of ASB, risk, and frequency of incidents to put
measures into place to stop this behaviour either towards an individual or
community which has been identified.

Officers from Sandhurst and neighbouring Crowthorne and Bracknell have a briefing and conduct high visible patrols at identified hotspots in the area. They specifically deal with all ASB incidents during the evening and can respond on mass if needed to particular incidents following  calls from the public.

Members of the public who regularly experience ASB can be added to the Op list and can call through to the officer in charge during the evening who can deploy officers if required.

You can help to stop, prevent and reduce anti-social behaviour by monitoring and reporting any thing you see. It is the best way to gather evidence and support Police action.

You can either go through the Thames Valley Police Non-emergency number: 0845 8 505 505, but if the anti-social behaviour makes you feel threatened, or you or someone else is in danger, or the anti-social behaviour is in progress, call 999.

Keep a log of any acts of anti-social behaviour you witness by making note of times, dates, and details of activity. More importantly don’t put your self at risk!

If you know of any hotspots please let the neighbourhood team know.

PCSO Alastair Willcocks