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The Clean Team, which was born at the same time as Sandhurst Pride, consists of two lady litter pickers. Each has their own agenda and specific tasks within the Town and this year as a team they are 10 years old.

We are very lucky to have been able to keep both ladies through the last 10 years even though there have been rumours that at least one of them has been “head hunted” by one of our surrounding Councils.

Heather Holland lives in College Town and works in College Town and Owlsmoor.  Heather can be seen around the area with her high visibility jacket picking up the mess, which accumulates, from our not so careful residents; she also has responsibility for the gardens on the Parks.

Wendy Smith who lives in Little Sandhurst has responsibility for Little Sandhurst and Central Sandhurst and is famous throughout the Town for “getting on her bike” or in this case, her “trike”.  Both our ladies are out in all weathers endeavouring to keep Sandhurst clean and tidy and a better place to live.

Councillor Carole Cupper, Clean Team Champion

Councillor Michael Brossard, Deputy Clean Team Champion