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Practice Makes Perfect

Now that we are up and running we need to understand some of the things that we have to do to enable us to become a Corps of Drums.  Listed below are areas that we will need to work on over the coming weeks and months.

Learning the basics of our instruments

Learning 5 tunes

Basic Drill

Learning to March as a Unit.

There will be some of us that may not like certain aspects of this, however we have to learn these basics otherwise we will not progress.  I would like you to practice at home the things that we will teach you .  Don't forget, we only have 2 hours on a Monday evening to practice together so it is very important to practice at home in between our group practice sessions.  You will find that the more you practice the easier it will become.  You will also become a better player and enjoy it a lot more.  Trust me...

Still Recruiting

We have been very lucky to have started our new Corps of Drums with a membership of 25.  However we need to continue to recruit new people and I would like to ask all members to tell their friends about the Sandhurst & District "Corps of Drums".

If you are interested please contact Mark Saunders on 01252 877212