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Who is our Local MP?

A:  The Local MP for this area is Dr Phillip Lee.


Recycling Sites

A: To find out more about recycling try the links to the right or contact Customer Services on 01344 352000 for a recycling box.


There are a number of benefits of recycling,

Recycling will save you money

Recycling conserves natural resources

Recycling saves energy

Recycling saves landfill space

Recycling protects the environment

Buying Recycled Goods

It is up to you to buy recycled products and 'close the loop'. This will boost markets for recycled products, making recycling more worthwhile and economically viable.

Who is our local MP ?

Where are the recycling sites ?

How many residents are there in Sandhurst ?

Can I speak at a Council Meeting ?

Can I write to the Council ?

What are the school term dates ?


How many residents are there in Sandhurst?

A:   The Sandhurst area (Central Sandhurst, College Town, Little Sandhurst & Wellington and Owlsmoor wards) has a total population of 22,314 (2001 census), almost equally split between males (11,639) and females (10,675).

The average age of 34 years old is only just below the borough average of 35 with individual age categories also equating well to borough averages.

The four wards in the Sandhurst area are some of the least deprived in the country (with 1 being most and 8414 being least deprived):

Central Sandhurst: 7614

College Town: 8188

Owlsmoor: 8284

Little Sandhurst & Wellington: 8370


Can I speak at a Council Meeting ?

A:  Yes.  There is a formal public question time prior to Full Council Meetings and you may be allowed to speak at Committee Meetings at the Chairman's discretion.

If you have an issue that is pressing that you wish the Council to consider then, in the first instance, write to the Council. If your issue can wait then you have an opportunity to put your questions or comments to the Council at the Annual Town Meeting. Another approach you may take is to ask your own Councillor to take the matter up on your behalf.


Can I write to the Council ?

A:   You may write to the Council Offices or you may write to  your  individual Councillor.


Term Dates


Education & Libraries Department

Seymour House

38 Broadway



RG12 1AU

Tel: 01344 354000

Fax: 01344 354001



School term dates can by found on the Bracknell Forest Council Website - for the latest information - CLICK HERE