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The Sandhurst Police Point was Officially opened on 12th July 2000. The opening was attended by over 60 people. Dignitaries included the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police (Charles Pollard), The Mayor of Sandhurst (Cllr Peter North), the Mayor of Bracknell Forest Borough Council and many other local people and Thames Valley Police representatives.

The significance and high profile interest was that the Sandhurst Police Point was the FIRST IN THE COUNTRY of it’s kind.

In the opening speech the Mayor of Sandhurst referred to the Police Point as follows:

“This innovative and unique facility, received overwhelming support from
 the residents of Sandhurst following widespread public consultation.
The Police Point aims to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime and provide
an opportunity for the community to actively participate in supporting their local Police.

The Police Point will provide a visible location in the heart of the Sandhurst community for improved Police communications. Additional benefits will include the handling of lost and found property, the production of traffic documents, message handling for Community Beat Officers and an office location in Sandhurst for patrolling officers to use the facilities instead of having to travel miles to Crowthorne or Bracknell. The building has been provided by the Town Council, modified with funds from the Town and Borough Council and will be entirely staffed by local volunteers trained and managed by the Police. A unique partnership project!”

In 2000 this was a totally new concept to establish a Police facility manned entirely by volunteers.

The records show that 90 volunteers put themselves forward. Of these 42 were able to attend the first meeting with Insp. Pete Carter and 39 confirmed their willingness to undergo training to operate the Police Point.

Although many areas have followed Sandhurst’s lead, this is the Flagship site that signalled community engagement before the Police Authorities decided to reinvent Community Policing and long before National Indicator 21 had been conceived.

For further information contact:
Stephen Chown
Executive Officer
Sandhurst Town Council

Telephone: 01252 879060

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