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Sandhurst Memorial

Park and Shepherd Meadows

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Stephen Chown
Executive Officer

Sandhurst Town Council

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Sandhurst Memorial Park

Yorktown Road



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Telephone: 01252 879060

FAX: 01252 860070

Sandhurst Town Council

Lesley McCready
Assistant Executive Officer



RRR Sandhurst

Was formed in 1894 and is the first tier of local government closest to the people it represents.  It works closely with its’ Residents Associations, Bracknell Forest Council and other groups/organisations/agencies.

Our Precept for 2011/12 is £561,646 which equates to £70.47 per year per Band D
property (zero increase on last year).

The Council owns and maintains facilities and land at Owlsmoor Park and the Sandhurst Memorial Park which, along with Shepherd Meadows, has Green Flag status.

Other key services; The Town Council,


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