Tree Policy
Commemerative Policy 2020
Sandhurst Town Council Action Plan 2020-2022
Equality Policy 2020
Information Data Protection Policy 2020
Publication Scheme 2020
Removable Media Policy 2020
Email Contact Privacy Notice 2020
Hiring Contact Privacy Notice 2020
New Councillor Contact Privacy Notice 2020
Privacy Notice 2020
Policy - The Role of the Town Mayor 2020
Document Retention and Disposal Policy 2020
Retention of Documents - Appendix A List of Doc's for Retention or Disposal 2020
Policy for Business Use of Open Space
Social Media Policy 2020
Approved Large Events Policy 2020
Approved Press and Media Policy 2020
Approved Standing Orders 7 May 2020
Approved STC Financial Regulations for 7th May 2020
Complaints Procedure Approved 7th May 2020
Meeting Schedule 2020/2021
Speedwatch Policy 28 November 2019
Health and Safety Policy
Staff Abuse Policy