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Have Bike Will Travel

Earlier this year the Government provided a £500 grant to each Neighbourhood Action Group.  One, such grant was allocated by Thames Valley Police to Sandhurst to be used for a worthwhile cause in our community.  From discussions with the Police it was agreed that these funds should be used for two projects. These were:

1.  A police notice-board at Sandhurst School
so that the students could be kept up to date
with information which would be useful to them
in their daily lives and

2.  A mountain bike to be used by P.C. Gary Campion and PCSO Alastair Willcocks, to enable them to get around the “patch” quicker and easier.

To enhance the bike, Berkshire Cycles provided a lock and stand whilst Alastair equipped the cycle with post code etching along with high intensity lights.  Alastair Willcocks said that having a new bike with so many gears made life and made getting around College Town and Owlsmoor much easier.

In our last NAG survey residents told us that they wished to see greater Police visibility on the streets of Sandhurst. The mountain bike sourced from Berkshire Cycles, Crowthorne will ensure that we see Gary and Alastair regularly patrolling the roads of Sandhurst .