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Park and Shepherd Meadows

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Mayors Acceptance Speech

Councillors, friends, family and members of the public.

I would like to thank my fellow councillors for voting me in as your Mayor, to serve for the forthcoming year. May I take this opportuntutiy of thanking Cllr Wallington for his contribution as Mayor to Sandhurst, during his time he raised over £7,000 for his three charities, Revers Rett, The Day Centre and Limbcare all very worthy local causes. He has also involved me in meetings and events. I have accompanied him on some occasions, enabling me to learn the ropes, and begin a steep learning curve to the role of both councillor and mayor.

I feel it is an honour and privilege to stand before you today, as your Chair of Sandhurst Town Council and Mayor, something my husband would have been proud of, but sadly he is no longer with us. However I have the support of family and friends some of whom are here today to assist me in organising a range of interesting and different events for my chosen charity, which I hope everyone will support me with. It is my privilege to nominate a local charity, I have chosen Sandhurst Counselling Service, a service which helps those in bereavement and during difficult times of life.

I look forward to this coming year meeting and greeting those from the local community, attending events and functions both in Sandhurst and further afield as requested. I will carry out my duties with pride and to the best of my ability as I have done as Deputy Mayor. A role I have embraced and thoroughly enjoyed. It is a difficult time in politics and the future for the United Kingdom is challenging, we are facing many difficult decisions at national through to local level, including Borough and Town councils. These government decisions will affect us all and therefore it is essential we work together to maintain and improve Sandhurst for the benefit of all concerned. Sandhurst Town Council is fully staffed now and I look forward to working with the Executive Officer and her team over the forth coming year.

Councillor Hazel Hill


Hazel Hill

The Mayors’ Charity - Sandhurst Counselling Service
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