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Sandhurst Historical Society was formed in 1996 by people who were all born in Sandhurst and were interested in the history of the town.

We now have some sixty members and have meetings on the last Thursday of each month (except December) in the Community Hall. Meetings commence at 7.30pm and normally last two hours with a break for tea / coffee and biscuits (free). At each meeting, except September which is the Annual General Meeting, we have a speaker giving illustrated talks on a wide variety of historical subjects. These talks are kept light and entertaining.

We have a library from which members can borrow books, free, together with an archive section for anyone who wishes to learn more about Sandhurst and its people. Many articles in this archive are written by Sandhurst residents.

Each year we organise one or two visits to historical sites, some of which have been to live archaeological digs.

The Research Group of the Society has written four books about Sandhurst and three of these are available for purchase at Sandhurst Library. The books are inexpensive and titled –

Public Houses of Sandhurst and Crowthorne, 1740-1950’ published 2001, with pictures and text, including details of the oldest, the Rose and Crown in the High Street, dated 1742 (Crowthorne was originally part of Sandhurst).

‘Sandhurst A Look Back in Time’ published 2003 describing with pictures and text the large houses of Sandhurst and their residents (now out of print, but available to borrow at Sandhurst Library).

‘Sandhurst in the Second World War’ published 2005 with pictures and text of the reminiscences of residents.

‘Sandhurst How it Has Changed’ published 2007 with pictures and text comparing views of old Sandhurst with recent pictures taken at the same location.

We are a friendly group of people and all visitors or new members are very welcome. For full information about the Society and our minimal membership and visitor charges visit our website