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Information available from Sandhurst Town Council under the model publication scheme

This publication scheme is based on the template provided by Information Commissioner’s Office.

Sandhurst Town Council will make the information in this definition document available unless:

Sandhurst Town Council provides this publication scheme in accordance with requirements, and looks to provide as much information as possible to residents of Sandhurst on a routine basis.

Full details of the scheme can be found in the publication list below


Adopted: 24th September 2020   Review: May 2022

Policy for Member & Officer Protocol
Approved Standing Orders 5th May 2022
Approved Press and Media Policy 2022
Approved STC Financial Regulations 5th May 2022
Approved Terms of Reference 2022
Complaints Procedure Approved 5th May 2022
Policy for Leaseholders Engaging Contrators
Hybrid Working Policy
Approved Large Events Policy 2021
Complaints Procedure Approved 6th May 2021
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