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- Take a Pride in Sandhurst -

(The Story So Far)

Sandhurst Pride took its lead from one of many public consultation exercises carried out by the Sandhurst Town Council over recent years. 

When asked, amongst other questions in 1999, "If you could change one thing in Sandhurst to make it a better place to live, what would it be?" residents could never have imagined what they would kick-start.  The feedback from the surveys has helped guide a campaign which, since 2000, has developed into both a culture and council brand.

A cleaner, safer, greener community is what the residents wanted and that is what the Town Council endeavours to deliver.

Our first initiative was to develop our own Clean Team:

One part-time litter picker who travel around Sandhurst supplementing the Principal Authority street cleaning contractor.  Locally based businesses part sponsor the operation and the Town Council has used the scheme for many litter awareness exercises.  We now have a good rapport with Schools and Shops, who display the Sandhurst Pride logo in their shop windows.  There are also car stickers for residents to advertise the brand image.

Enshrined within the Town Council’s Policy and Mission Statement document under Civic Pride, it states “Sandhurst Town Council will promote and assist others to promote pride in Sandhurst and in its heritage”. Since those early days Sandhurst Pride has taken on many hats and crosses all boundaries of community life.
(See attached PDF).

Pride in Communication       

Pride in Achievements         

Pride in our Green Spaces         

Pride in our Clubs/Organisations and individuals

Pride in Recycling       

Pride in Community Safety

Pride in combating Anti-social behaviour      

Pride as Community Leaders         

Pride in Community Health & Well-being

Sandhurst Town Council are proud Associate Members of the LGA.

Pride in Partnerships              

Pride in Education      

Pride in Technology

Pride as Community Provider

Pride in Heritage

Pride in Facilities

Pride in our Community   

Pride in Community Events


Pride in Equality & Diversity