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Sandhurst Memorial

Park and Shepherd Meadows

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PCSO Lauren Byrne - Anti-social behaviour (ASB) levels are still low in the Memorial Ground and compared to last year show a reduction of 60 per cent. We are regularly patrolling the area and it is visited over the weekend by Operation Lion Cub officers whom make sure ASB is kept to a minimum.

However, if you are experiencing any anti-social behaviour problems in or around the area please let us know. (All contact details below). Police are working with Bracknell Forest Council to run test purchase operations to check whether off-licences are selling alcohol to those underage.

Burglaries have decreased over the last month; we believe this is because people are ensuring their doors are double locked last thing in the evening, along with targeted patrols that police officers and PCSOs are carrying out throughout the area.

Sandhurst Police - March 2011 Update

We are currently looking for residents to become speed watch volunteers to help us perform SID operations in the neighbourhood, to address speeding as part of our neighbourhood priorities set by the Neighbourhood Forum. Particular concerns have been raised on Crowthorne Road, Longdown Road and Wokingham Road. If you live in these areas and would like to volunteer to help us run the Speed Indication Device, please contact PCSO Rebecca Swann (, who will sign you up as a Speed Watch volunteer.

PCSO Bullen and I have been carrying out Speed Watch in Owlsmoor and College Town. Community volunteers work alongside Thames Valley Police officers to identify vehicles which break the speed limit in their local area.

The most recent SID operation was carried out on Wokingham Road and we are pleased to report that the number of people speeding has decreased.

On 17 February 84 motor vehicles were recorded doing excess of 30mph along York Town Road at the junction of Constable Way;of those vehicles 28 were recorded doing between 35 and 42mph. Speed Watch was also carried out along Yeovil Road in Owlsmoor.

We have also set-up a Shop-Watch Scheme in the College Town area with the larger retail stores. Our first meeting was held at The Meadows which Surrey Police also attended along with local store managers and security. The aim was to share information as well as improving security and better communication between the stores themselves. The police regularly patrol the stores and at The Meadows.

If you would like to speak to either Lauren or Rebecca, they will be holding their next Have Your Say meeting at Sandhurst Police Point on 27 March at 2pm.

PCSO Willcocks