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Partners involved: The Sandhurst Community.

Key contact for details: Angela Carey – Executive Officer, Sandhurst Town Council.
Tel: 01252 879060

and RIGHTS, community”.


At the Annual Bracknell Forest Crime and Disorder Partnership, Anti-Social Behaviour Community Safety Conference on 19th May 2009, a team of influential local practitioners formed a panel on stage to talk about the fine work that was going on within the Borough and to answer questions about their work and success. Amongst the panellists were Thames Valley Police, Youth Workers and Youth Agencies, Crime Reduction partners etc. but these people were almost exclusively dealing with the top end of the anti-social spectrum, with people who were of an age who had already offended or were perceived by some of being anti-social. It became obvious that perhaps not enough emphasis was being placed upon stopping unacceptable behaviour at source.

This reinforced a belief that, what we had seen at the seminars held earlier in the year on the subject of the UNICEF Schools Rights, Respect and Responsibility scheme, needed a platform and there was a real opportunity and need to roll out the principles to the wider Community.

Getting back to social values by community peer pressure, picking up community Cohesion along the way, is the route that Sandhurst think would complement the work to combat anti-social behaviour.

Progress to date. Public meeting December 2009, fourteen action points delivered, Pledges rolled out, Schools and Schools Council’s onboard, RRR Steering Group established, logo competition run with outcome, Full Council backing.

Sustainability: Sandhurst Town Council has a track record for delivery and sustainability. SANDHURST PRIDE celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2010 and RRR will sit very well alongside the other work that has already been achieved on Engagement and Cohesion.

Other supporters include Thames Valley Police, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Bracknell Forest Council, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Five Residents Associations in Sandhurst, the Five Churches in Sandhurst.

The conjunction of Rights, Respect and Responsibility under the umbrella of SANDHURST PRIDE will ensure that the project will have longevity.  


The students at Sandhurst School interview the Mayor, Councillor Dale Birch on the 3 R’s (Respect, Responsibility & Rights).

Sandhurst School interview the Mayor of Sandhurst on
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