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Sandhurst Memorial

Park and Shepherd Meadows

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  1. Show Off: Don’t show off your cash, mobile phone, iPod, or laptop, or leave them lying around;
  2. Shopping: Never leave your bag, wallet or purse, or presents unattended when you’re out shopping;
  3. Doors and Windows: Make sure you check doors and windows are locked at night or when going out and remember to close your bedroom window;
  4. Fire Alarm: Test your fire alarm;
  5. Postcode Property: Make a list of your personal property including serial number and descriptions – use an ultraviolet pen to mark electrical and other items with your name and post code;
  6. Bicycles: If you are using a bicycle please lock it up and never leave it unattended even for a few seconds;
  7. Letter Box Break In’s: It is important to double lock your door particularly at night to prevent “letter box” break ins. A “letter box” break in is where the door can be opened from the outside by putting an implement through the letterbox to open the door handle on the inside. Keep the key handy where any person living in the house can easily find it;
  8. Walking Home Alone: Think ahead and don’t walk home alone late at night – think ahead to how you’re getting home and always let your parents or guardian know where you are going. Have their numbers in your phone and also of the Police;
  9. Cash Points: Be aware of people standing too close to you and always conceal your PIN. If it’s dark, go with a friend if you can and don’t check your money in full view.

Willcocks “Words of Wisdom”